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Yesterday Conductive World published a brief extract from a longish article by Balázs Péterffy, published in a Hungarian national newspaper, the recently renamed Magyar Idők:

This article introduces some important proposed developments at the PAF, of considerable potential interest to very many people outside Hungary. Here is a summary account of most of these.

Andrea Zsebe, the new Rector of the PAF (the Andras Pető College, formerly the Pető Institute), is planning major changes. PAF's methods and tools for preschool and primary education, and its conductor-training, will soon be protected. Conductor-training on the present dual model will be joined by masterate training programmes.

She says – 'The college wants to become an efficient, economical and sustainable institution resting on three pillars: training, research, and further strengthening of international relations.'

The planned masterate degree would be delivered in English, German and Russian. Practice placements would be extended to include settings in students' own countries so that foreign student conductors would speak the same language as the children with whom they work. It is hoped that this would make the course more attractive to foreign students who currently work only with Hungarian children..

Vice-Rector Eva Szabo points to the importance of practical training, and to the PAF's family atmosphere (276 students presently study there) and the fact that it can offer such a wide range of practice to children and adults aged from six months to old age.

More will follow...


Levédhetik a Pető Intézet fejlesztő módszereit: nagy tervekkel látott munkához az új rektor, Magyar Idők, 29 December

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