Thursday, 14 January 2016


A lottery-winner's values and dreams

Ralph Strzełkowski won something on Saturday's lottery: $8.00 not $1.3 billion. On his blog this morning he writes –

Many people don't believe it when I say it. I really don't have big dreams for myself. There's no gadget that I really must have, I never wanted a mansion and fast cars don't really impress me. I just want to be comfortable. For me that means being in a place where I don't have to wonder if I see enough clients this month to pay my rent. And quite frankly I'm not there yet. I have my moments of stress and my moments of doubt. But for me life is about being able to make it. And having a life doing what you know well and love. Helping people. Being surrounded by friends. Searching for and finding happiness...

Sounds reasonable to me. I do hope that Ralph does not mind my describing these aspects of his philosophy of life with such a dreadful jargon word, 'orthofunction'. If you do use this work be reminded that it has a perhaps essential spiritual side too and, to use another jargon word, it it nothing unless is holistic – as here.

Ralph grew up in Poland from where as a boy he attended the then Pető Institute. He is now an attorney in Gainesville, Florida, and leads FDAAF, the Florida Disability Access and Awareness Association.

You can read the story of his upbringing and something of his new life in the United States in his book Never Never Quit, still the only conductive autobiography. Preview his book, and order a copy here if you wish:


Strzełkowski , R, (2015) If I won the PowerBall... Wheelchaired for a day, 13 January

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