Sunday, 10 January 2016


In German, Hungarian and English
Via Italy

Franz Schafhausser's Italian connection was introduced on Conductive World in January a year ago:

In December the first fruits of this were outlined:

Excellent service from the Italian publishers

The book in which they appear costs only 10.8o euros:

Even though Franz has contributed only a portion of this publication it is a goodly proportion and, as any thoughts that he shares on and around Conductive Education should be of considerable interest, the book seems well worth its relatively small cover price.

I should like to commend the excellent service provided by Edizioni Erickson and suggest that if you wish to order a copy from outside Italy you should arrange a mutually convenient means of payment in advance. In he first instance therefore contact:

Martina Franceschini
Business Development Officer

I shall write later about what is in the book.

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