Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Two's a coincidence
Three is on the way to a trend

I have just read this rather nice local newspaper report from Orlando, Florida:

It tells the story of Joe and Vicky Raymond. Twenty years ago they found that they had a child with cerebral palsy. They did not think much of what was on offer, heard (from Vicky's parents) about Conductive Education and established a service in the town where they lived. It grew. Now it has linked with a local university to train indigenous conductors.

Great story but, hold on, haven't I already heard it before?

Family. Initiative. Localism. Years of hard work. From personal need to public benefit.

So far, so very familiar, all around the world, but this particular story has something extra:

From service-provision to drawing a local university in to train professionals and thereby create still wider, future public benefit.

And yes, I have heard of such an extra, higher-educational stage twice before – both from the United States:
  • Patti and Chuck Herbst → Centre for Independence through Conductive Education → Governor's State University, Chicago, Illinois
  • Chuck and Susan Saur → Conductive Learning Centre → Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Add now to this roll call:
  • Joe and Vicky Raymond → CECO (Conductive Education Center of Orlando) → Adventist University of Health Sciences, Orlando, Florida
I cannot think of a similar story from any other country.

It all sounds so American. There's nothing predictable in this world but I cannot help wondering how long till another parent-created CE center in the US kick-starts yet another university into creating a training course. This would be the fourth such flowering..

That would be a trend indeed and, whatever differences might exist between courses at this stage of their development, this could be the beginnings of a critical mass towards the long-term development of a coherent 'American CE'...


Heiland, E. (2016) Everyday Heroes: A couple's healing creates hope, News 13, 4 January

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