Thursday, 10 December 2015


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An hour or so ago I received the following email from Gabi Földi at the PAF –
Dear Andrew,
Thank you for being so thoughtful as to reminding the CE community to submit their abstracts for the 9th World Congress by tomorrow latest. The deadline, however, was removed from the Congress website about two weeks ago. As yet there is no deadline, what we know at the moment is that most probably it will be extended by several months.
Will you please correct your related post accordingly? Many thanks.
Gabriella Földiné Németh

Thank you Gabi for letting me know of this. I am taking the liberty of sharing the information with any others who sat at their computers over the last few days to see how they could submit their abstracts through the PAF's website.

I do have to tell you that the information about the closing date that I posted on line was certainly still up there at least until I went to bed last night, at the URL that I provided. Whoever is responsible for these things is of course altogether entitled to move the goalposts to suit changing circumstances. Indeed, flexibility is to be welcomed. Nobody is entitled to say, however, that I and others did not see them moved! In the circumstances therefore I cannot correct my posting since there is nothing there that was wrong:

I am of course pleased to help to disseminate the error made by means of this further posting.

I guess that the information on submission had been posted on two separate pages of the Congress website. One was removed earlier, you tell me, presumably without wider notification. I was not alone, however, in accessing the relevant page displayed under the heading 'Get involved', on which I see that the line notifying the deadline has now been removed.

No great harm has been done, I hope, to those who rushed to meet the announced deadline. At least they will have completed their abstract – and can now go ahead and write another within the new time granted them if they wish! Perhaps, though, there have been others who were put off submitting at all by the short deadline and just decided to let it this Congress go by.

I do hope that this present posting may help reach them.



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By 'several months'

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