Tuesday, 15 December 2015


So it goes 

The 26th Congress of Hungary's ruling Fidesz party has re-elected Viktor Orbán as Party Chairman of Fidesz, and is ready to lead it into the next General Election, and then head the next Government –
Europe does not believe in its roots, Europe fails to believe in common sense, military virtues and national pride, and has forgotten Christianity as its root... It is promoting human rights, progress, openness, new types of families, tolerance...
Instead of a weak and indecisive Europe, we need a strong Europe again … and we are ready to take part in creating that.
Déjà vue, all over again

This all sounds so familiar – the tone, the sentiments, the very words.

As expressed before, my own inclination is to stay well away from the place, not that my inconsequential personal boycott will make a jot of difference – and, yes, I do know that the foreseeable alternative to the Fidesz crew could be much worse. I realise too that at this rate I shall probably never go there again.

Poor little Hungary indeed. Tears again before bedtime? When will they ever learn

Incidentally, I see that Borat has reappeared in the United States, claiming to have invented Donald Trump. If Borat invented The Donald, then who who might lay claim to having invented The Great Viktator? I cannot help thinking of Charlie Chaplin:



Kovács, T., (2015) Fidesz congress: Viktor Orbán re-elected as leader of Hungary’s ruling party, Hungary Today, 14 December 


(This article by Tamás Kovács is from this morning's issue of Hungary Matters)

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