Friday, 4 December 2015


Continuing development from SAHK

A couple of days ago Conductive World reported on Succeed and Advance, the English-language edition of the book published to commemorate fiftieth anniversary of SAHK in Hong Kong:

Succeed and Advance was published in English this year. The original Chinese edition appeared in 2013, SAHK's actual half-centenary year. Things have continued to develop since then, and C. F. Fong has send me a brief update of one aspect of this –
We have been promoting CE in the Mainland China and South East Asia with success.

I am glad to share with you that some organizations in Singapore and Malaysia did visit our services in the past two years and showed great interest in our trans-disciplinary team approach. Our Chris Kan and Edith Yeung delivered a three-day training program in Singapore last year. This week starting from yesterday (30/11), 12 senior staff members of an organization in Singapore are here in HK receiving training in our three special schools for five days. Hope some of them will attend the CE Congress in 2016.

Till now

  • A two-conductor conductive unit is operating in Kuala Lumpur (
  • There has been a conductor-consultancy in Jakarta
  • There have been individual plans to establish conductors in Singapore for more than twenty years but nothing has stuck. 
  • There has been a conductor-consultancy in Jakarta
  • After many years, Viet Nam's sole conductor has now returned home to England

There may have been other personal schemes and experiences, but till now no major institutional involvement.

There is potentially a huge untapped market in South East Asia, with work enough for everyone.

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