Friday, 4 December 2015


Behind our personal griefs and disappointments, the world is at war, again. Yesterday the UK Parliament agreed to join the bombing campaign over Syria Today the Bundestag agreed to deploy up to 1,200 troops to the Middle East The Christmas season is coming What horrors, we have to contemplate, are being planned? The deaths, the pain and the anguish, one cannot argue any of it away. 'Historical perspective' solves nothing, heals nothing But it can feed hope, and a wry smile is never amiss in time of war. In this spirit I pass on this video from Norman Perrin. It comes from Yorkshire, where they like a laugh. Things were much worse when I was a lad, in Adolf's time. Now the Brits and the Germans are well and truly in the same boat And the bogey men of my childhood are now figures to be lampooned. Hard to believe, I know, but the present unpleasantness will one day pass. Please don't tell me, just to be replaced by the next. It is only being so cheerful that keeps me going.



Blogger NormanP said...

This might help "lighten up", too.

I came across the video expressing the anger of the people of Sheffield about our buses on the day the British parliament decided to extend the bombing to Syria.

By an almost unbelievable coincidence, the family history website FindMyPast recently sent out an email promoting its newspaper archive, asking what might have been concerning people on the eve of war in 1939, as evidenced in "Letters to the Editor". The newspaper they selected the illustration from was the Sheffield Evening Telegraph and, guess what the letter-writer from Sheffield was complaining about on the eve of war? The buses!

Lightened me up for a while. (Unfortunately I can't post the image here).

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