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Or is there more to come?

A book published last year in Italy –
Breakpoints and Bridges brings together fruits of long research conducted by academics from various countries on the current state of education in Europe and the future challenges that this poses to the international community.
In order to connect with an extra-national audience, authors were free to write their own contributions in their preferred language: so you have readers thinking in English, Italian, German and Hungarian (the latter providing the English translation), designed to explore as the title indicates not the 'breaking points' but the 'bridges' of human pedagogy, reasons for contact and sharing that combine and relate sometimes very different cultures. 
In a 'fluid' society as unresolved, precarious and complex as the current one, we need more people – academics, political people and of course educators too – who are co-builders of bridges rather than of breakpoints and impassable barriers: it is hoped, that this text will have contributed to laying the foundations for fruitful dialogue and shared the more difficult topics that animate today's debate on education.

Three contributions may be of especial interest:
  • Schaffhauser, F. Prinzipien zur Pädagogik der Inklusion, pp. 21–45.
  • Schaffhauser, F. A konduktív pedagógia nevelésfilozófiai alapjairól, pp. 81–87
  • Schaffhauser, F. On the educational-philosophical foundations of Conductive Education, pp. 89–94
An earlier link on this Italian connection suggested that Franz has a monograph on the way, On the educational-philosophical foundations of conductive pedagogy:


Constantino, D. (ed.) (2014) Breakpoints and Bridges: punti di rottura e ponti di pedagogia umana, Trento, Erikson, 1 May

Sutton, A. (2014) Franz Schaffhauser: book on CE, Conductive World, 8 January

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