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Learning from experience

One of the unasked-for services that Facebook now presses upon its users is something called 'Your Memories on Facebook' –
Andrew, we care about you and the memories that you share here. We thought that you'd like to look back on this post from 2 years ago.
The affrontery of it! Notwithstanding, I have let it ride just to be reminded daily of unfinished business – not just mine! This morning Facebook took me back to this day two years ago when Conductive World reported on the concluding remarks at the Eighth World Congress on Conductive Education made by by Prof. Dr. Willibald Weichert of Hamburg University, an educationalist. He carefully summed up how far the organisers' specified goals seemed to have been achieved, then added –
Less impressive to the author (as seen from his limited perspective) appeared the presentation of new academic insights into the area in question. In future congresses, more space (time) should also be given to discussing the multitude of substantive findings and suggestions directly with their audiences. 
Prof Weicher's gentle and positive criticism was published on line, in full, on WC8's own website. This Congress website, however, was not maintained long after the Congress was over, so I am glad that Conductive World has preserved something of what he said, and pleased that Facebook reminded me of this.

Perhaps the organisers of the Ninth Congress are also bearing it in mind.

Soapland, Hokkaido

By the way, Facebook's reminder also illustrates the awkward problem of how to deal with 'old' URLs, for example the website address specially created for WC9:

Left drifting abandoned unoccupied in Cyberspace this URL has been taken over by a sex business in Susukino, the large red-light district of the city of Hokkaido in Japan, to advertise its specialist services that include a soapland (brothel) and home delivery service.

Avoid the problem

If it happens to you then you will find the new content on your once-treasured URL will likely to be quack medicines, porno and sexual services:

Perhaps the best way to deal with this problem is to pay the nominal annual sum to retain old URLs for your own use, or nobody's. This has the further advantage of maintaining at least some public record of your activities, as SAHK does for WC7:

As for the URL of the Eighth World Congress, there seems little now that the organisers can do to rescue the situation. Anyone clicking on a link to the German Congress will be likely whisked straight to the the fleshpots of Hokkaido.

Once there, Google Translate will do the honours.

A lesson from history

Something similar happened in Conductive Education in 2009. CECC (the Conductive Education Communications Center) was launched with great fanfare from Washington DC as an all-singing, all-dancing CE web portal:

It was not used and was soon abandoned. A few months its empty hulk had been taken over by a toxic collection of dodgy advertisements:

It is still afloat, now with an altogether different cargo, seemingly no more than a site extolling the virtues of education in general, also in Japanese. It is called Happy Child! and presently seems altogether innocuous.

So be warned, leave a URL abandoned at your peril. You never know what will occupy it next. Believe me, peccavi:   


Sutton, A. (2013) WC8 did a lot. But at its core...? Conductive World, 11 December

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