Monday, 30 November 2015


A bit of a summary
I cannot hope to offer my own summary of Andrea Zsebe's speech of welcome:

This is far too long and complicated for my limited Hungarian. Anyway, since 'international embeddedness' (nemzetközi beágyazottság) is apparently to be a cornerstone of future development at the PAF, then one can surely assume that important statements on position and policy will also in future be made in languages other than Hungarian – in German or English at the very least.

Early days yet. We shall see.

Meanwhile, in the absence of my own summary, here is somebody else's, from Rádió Lánchíd. Do I have it right? There are still some rather difficult words and sentences –
There will be a stronger international presence for the Pető method
Attention is also required to the PAF's societal and sustainability requirements.
The new Rector, Dr Andrea Zsebe said that a novel and innovative approach is needed for development work. In her view Conductive Education is known internationally yet there is a need to include new approaches for new methods of inclusion. She cited the example of the development of college education, and for the college's also strengthening its international embeddedness. According to Dr Andrea Zsebe the chancellor system and the academic area now stand integrated side by side. Thus, the Chancellor's area is trying to find resources for ideas for professional development. The Rector noted that the work being done both in public and in higher education requires additional funding.

I found it particularly interesting to read this only a couple of weeks so after returning from the conference in Nizhniii Novgorod. The overall topic there was reform of the education system of the Russian Federation, with special emphases upon teacher-training and participating fully in educational globalisation, with a look-in for inclusion too.:

Coincidence? My own selective perceptions? Common policy memes at work here? Fascinating...


– (2015) Erősebb nemzetközi jelenlét járna a Pető-módszernek, Lánchíd Rádió, 30 November



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