Monday, 2 November 2015


Parents 'action → political response

In a terse report from the PAF, its management expresses itself pleased to announce that the group is reopening:

The Andrá Pető College's mothers' group (mamas czoport) has consequently reopened today, following its suspension in Sepetember:

The parents' online petition for reopening attracted 333 signatures, mainly from Hungary:

Public airing

On behalf of the parents László Gábor Varga has been carefully reporting the discussion with the PAF and, now that this immediate busines is satisfactorily concluded, has commented that an important lesson has been learned, that if parents pull together their voice may be heard –
...most importantly, do not be passive, fight if you have to, work together constructively with other people, institutions etc, because by joining forces many results can be achieved!

He thanks all those who signed their petition, and adds...
Lesz olyan szakember akivel sajnos a Pető intézetben nem fogunk már találkozni, amit személy szerint nagyon sajnálok és innen is köszönöm a 2 évet, a beszélgetéseket, tanácsokat és a gyermekemért és a mamás csoportért végzett munkát!

Signatories who added comments the petition spoke mainly in praise of the conductors and the deplorability of withdrawing services from disabled children:

This does not appear to have spilled into the public media.

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Anonymous Andrew Sutton said...

Newspaper Magyar Nemzet can make no sense of the story
Them and me

Saturday, 14 November 2015 at 20:40:00 GMT  

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