Thursday, 26 November 2015


Always lots happening in God's Own

I – Canterbury

New overview video
Conductor Liza Gombinsky does the honours

See the video

II – Taranaki, on the road

Parents' long struggle to create a CE service in the Taranaki area, rather than make the long drive to Hamilton, is a step nearer to paying off, with establishment of the Taranaki CE Charitable Trust:

Earlier mention:

III – Survey: free copy of report on effectiveness

The report on the Canterbury survey (83 respondents) on the perceived effectiveness of Conductive Education has now been published and is now freely available –
This report was prepared for the New Zealand Foundation of Conductive Education by 180 Degrees Consulting Canterbury. The purpose of this report was to investigate the experiences and perspectives of key stakeholders of Conductive Education, parents with children who have motor disorders, in order for NZFCE to develop a marketing plan to increase enrolments....
Survey participants were overwhelmingly positive, with many anecdotes to develop an effective marketing image around.
Summarily we could see a number of issues facing Conductive Education, the main issue being the lack of public and governmental understanding of the Conductive Education process.
(From the Report's 'Executive summary' (n.p.)

To get your FREE copy of the complete report, write to:

More perhaps on this anon...

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