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New food for thought

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'Not suitable'
Кондуктивная педагогика не может достичь результата в следующих случаях:  низкий уровень интеллекта  аутизм  синдром Ретта  болезни мышц и костей  отсутствие конечностей  миопатии  прогрессивные неврологические заболевания

Conductive pedagogy cannot achieve results in the following circumstances: low intellectual level, autism, Rhett's syndrome, bone and muscle diseases, lack of limbs, myopathies, progressive neurological diseases

There is plenty to explore, to learn and to consider on this site.

Commenting on Conductive World

This posting merely reports something already in the public domain – but is just reporting the news enough? Is there need to indicate more explicitly a little mild irony, such as applied above and in many other postings on this site. Or should there be a critical commentary? In this particular posting, for example, one might ask why the client group of the present-day PAF is narrower than both the client group of many conductors working elsewhere and that of periods in the history of the PAF's predecessor-organisations.

Better by far would be for readers to express their own diverse experience and views on such matters. There is a place to leave your own comments at the foot of each posting on Conductive World, or you can comment of Facebook, anonymously if you wish in both cases.

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