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Survey of conductors' employment duties

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Through the Educational Sciences masters' programme at ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) conductors Adrienn Gacsó and Kata Horváth are carrying out an online survey into the employment, career pattern of conductors and related matters, designed primarily towards conductors working in Hungary.

They are looking at the kinds of institutions where the conductor workforce is employed, how conductors change jobs, the jobs that they do and how, the knowledge and skills acquired, and the training needed for further professional development.

More, please

This is the first such investigation that I have come across, though there may of course have been others in the past the results of which have not entered general public awareness (indeed not have been published at all).

The value of the present enquiry will depend very much upon achieving sufficient number of respondents. More valuable still, on a number of counts, would be for someone to extend this project to other countries where conductors work – and to included conductors who had trained elsewhere than in Hungary.

Adrienn and Kata offer to share the results of their investigation on request. Write to them at:

Additionally, however, it is be hoped that having publicly enlisted participation in this project the investigators will also find means to follow it up by communicating the outcome more publicly.

Complete the questionnaire

The comprehensive questionnaire should take only five to ten minutes to complete:


Gacsó., G Horváth, K. (2015) Konduktorok munkaköri feladatainak felmérése, online questionnaire, Google Docs

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