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A chance to make your voices heard

Ofsted and the Quality Care Commission want to hear what you think of how your local area is fulfilling its obligations towards children and young people with special educational needs
Ofsted will highlight good practice, so that we can celebrate success. I hope that other areas will be inspired by this good practice, which will lead to improvements elsewhere. I also hope the result will be better support for some of the most vulnerable young people in society, helping to give them the best possible start in life....
It is absolutely right that in the twenty-first century, all children and young people receive the support they need and deserve. We need your views on how to best inspect in this area and urge you to help us define this critical programme.
So tell Osted what Conductive Education is and what it does for your child and your family – and how in contrast existing SEN provision does not provide for your needs in the same way. You might not get another such opportunity for some time, so take it:

If this short questuinnaire does not fit what you want to say, write it in anyway.

Don't just tell them. Ofsted and the Commission should experience for itself what lies behind families' passion for Conductive Education. Urge them to visit and check for themselves what is done in CE schools that Ofsted itself brands 'excellent', over and above what inspectors normally take into consideration in their routine inspections.

Give some help in this:
  • point out out what you and your child get from Conductive Education that you would like your local system as a whole to provide anyway, as a matter of course
  • what is so 'special' about Conductive Education that makes parents struggle so hard to get it and
  • how does your local SEN provision falls short of this.
  • ask Ofsted and the Commission to visit CE centres with questions like this at the front of their minds and judge for themselves.
If they really want to know what parents think about their local SEN provision, then they have to find out what families fight for instead.

If you do not ask them to come and see for themselves, then who will?

Parental action

Remember, Conductive Education has spread around the world largely because parents and grand-parents have stood up and make their voices heard. Without this there would have been very little Conductive Education at all outside Hungary.

It takes continued vigilance and action to maintain the gains of the past. Here is a very recent example, from Hungary:

OFSTED's consultations

HV, 4, 3

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