Saturday, 28 November 2015


A video
More research is surely needed

Another example of learned human psychomotor performance through exercise of an algorithm awaits scientific evaluation:

It looks miraculous.

The human miracle, no more than the human mind

There is no particular miracle here, however, just an appropriate algorithm and good old-fashioned learning.

There is of course more than one possible algorithm for solving the cube, and none is 'correct'. Like everything else, it's easy when you know how, and you will learn this the better if you want to learn, and if someone explains it or, better still, helps you find out how – in the best way for you. Then its a matter of practice...

Just as examples:

People in and around Conductive Education presumably know all this already.

Meanwhile, for the awkward squad

What is shown happening in this video is altogether outside my own limited experience and imagining, and the information now available is no more than anecdotal and wholly unscientific.

I therefore consider that this young man's achievement requires urgently disproving and rubbishing.

More research on the basis of what I and people like me already know and believe (not a lot) is clearly needed. All research grants will be gratefully received.

Or perhaps instead I could altogether ignore the obvious fact that both the cube and the algorithms are culturally created tools and instead spend somebody's money looking to the Holy Grail of a neurological explanation of everything.

Yes, I know, the lowest form of wit. Still, whatever Oscar Wilde said, I find it helps:



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