Thursday, 8 October 2015


What's news?

There has been a small flurry of excitement in the social media over the last few days over yesterday's declared World Cerebral Palsy Day, including in the world of Conductive Education. Some CE services have put on public events and there has been effort to interest the media.

The show is certainly not over yet but what one day later, has been the media coverage in terms of public awareness and understanding, qualitative and quantitative?

There are doubtless many means to gauge the outcomes of such a Day. One is to look at the media awareness generated. Public media coverage is not of course the only index of how aware people are of a given topic, it may even distort the picture, so treat the following with care, and note that it refers only to what has happened in the English language

Cerebral palsy in this morning's Google News

Go to Google News. Use your own prefered edition. I used my local one:

Enter the search term “cerebral palsy” into the box at the top of the pager (the box with the little magnifying glass). Click.

The new page that comes up gives you links to where cerebral palsy has been mentioned in newspapers etc. with online presences (i.e. most of them).

You might find it useful to view these in date order, most recent first) You can do this by clicking on Search tools (top right-hand corner of page) then on Sorted by date that comes up in the middle of the next line.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the numbers there to go to previous pages.

Scrolling back through the first ten pages of results indicates the wide range of stories mentioning cerebral palsy that appear as a matter of routine, not all of them pleasant reading, and permits a view of how far World Cerebral Palsy Day has affected this.

Scroll back through the first ten pages of results. This morning, doing this will take you back into 6 October.

There may of course be further media coverage of Wednesday's Day later this week, as weekly publications go on line. Look out therefore over the next couple of days for a fuller picture.

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Blogger NormanP said...

Thanks, Andrew, for the clear tutorial. I've never really explored the Google 'news' facility before. Just spent too many minutes experimenting with various search terms!

Thursday, 8 October 2015 at 11:27:00 BST  

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