Monday, 19 October 2015


At my age I should know better

Things that were dear to my heart once included understanding the philosophy, the psychology and the pedagogy around L. S, Vygotskii, and in the UK the futures if any of educational psychology (that's school psychology to most people) and special education.

On his blog Norman Perrin has notified a recent book in which the two matters apparently come together. Such a treat. Perhaps...

Vygotsky and special needs education: rethinking support for children and schools, edited by Harry Daniels, Mariane Hedegaard

I can read a bit of this book on its publisher's somewhat dysfunctional website, but not enough to get my head round it. So there goes twenty-two quid off to Amazon for next-day delivery. I won't promise to review the book here as from what I have seen so far it looks that this might be pretty toe-curling.

I have no idea how far such formulations either shape or reflect educational psychologists' practice – I supect that there are far more pressing determinants of this in the educational psychologists' workplaces – but it does no harm occasionally to take a look at an articulation of the myth and rhetoric.

You can see Norman's blog-posting (and link to the publisher's website to make your own judgement) at:

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