Wednesday, 21 October 2015


He respected it

I have been reminded of the book Don't accept me as I am by Reuven Feuerstein, Yaacov Rand and John E. Rynders.

Some of it is viewable on line, at no cost, including most of its second chapter, 'Structural cognitive modifiability: outrageous myth or observed reality?' 
In concluding this chapter, we wish to emphasise again that the active-modificational approach is of paramount importance to the development of the individual with retarded performance, for both his present and his future prospects. The contribution of each person to his self-modification is of tremendous value and should be emphasised in all our interventional endeavours. For all those who resonate positively with the title of our book, Don't accept me as I am, we ask them that they also adopt the challenge 'Make me a partner in this activity of modifiability. Do it through me and with me. Don't do it for me'.

Immediately preceding this is an extended passage (pp. 28-30) in which Conductive Education is held up as a prime example of active modifiability (as opposed to passive acceptance), that went beyond what even Reuven himself had regarded as modifiable through a 'direct attack approach' 

The pages referred to here can be seen on line amongst those parts of the book that are open-access.


Feuerstein, R., Rand, Y., Rynders, J. E. (1988) Don't accept me as I am, NY Plenum

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Sutton, A. (2013) Reuven Feurerstein, crossing paths, Conductive World, 20 September

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