Wednesday, 28 October 2015


A disclaimer

On 31 August this year Conductive World published a posting summarising the website of a German organisation Petö Global Connect – Gesellschaft für Konduktive Förderung:

One may find this website at:

Over the last couple of months the site has grown. On the right margin of this page, under the heading Petö Global Connect – Info’s, there is a drop-down menu linking to other pages on this site.

Select Kunden & Partner (3). In English this means 'Customers and partners'.

Under this category are listed the András Pető College in Budapest, the Hungarian Consul-General in Münich, and myself:

Neither myself, Conductive World, Conductive Education Press nor Conduction is or has been a partner or customer of Petö Global Connect, nor has considered being so. Neither I nor any of my associates has been contacted by or made contact with Petö Global Connect, either with a view to becoming a partner or a customer, or on any other topic.

Conductive World has reported this website, once, in the expectation that there might be people in Conductive Education who might otherwise not hear of Petö Global Connect and its activities. It did so as part of the public-service function of Conduction. Conductive World's report was made altogether independently and reflects no commercial relationship of any kind, nor any other connection, either corporate or individual.

An independent report is not necessarily an endorsement.

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Anonymous Andrew Sutton said...

Dr Stefanie Koehler writes –

Dear Mr. Sutton,

Sorry. I just wanted to give feedback to your blog. My duty as ambassador is to spread the knowledge and the network activities of participating passionates of Conductive Education. Therefore I linked your blog.

It is undeniably true that I am for the moment a non profit worker in behalf of my Ambassadorship. So you became not linked with a business. In future I plan to do some fundraising for Budapest and the András Petö Föiskola. Because of my second duty to support the Conductive Education by my Ambassadorship.

I am sorry having disturbed your personal integrity. It was just because of the mood to step in International Conductive Friendship. Sorry about that emotional reaction of myself.

I will extinguish your acknowledgement and the crosslink from our website.

I send you my best regards and hope to meet you at the World Congress next year.

Besides: The Consulate General of the Republic of Hungary allowed me to name it as Partner.

You are allowed to post this Message of me on your Blog.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015 at 14:17:00 GMT  

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