Monday, 19 October 2015


Soon come the ice and snow
Thousands of refugees stuck in the cold in 'knee-deep mud' have crossed into Croatia after it gave in and opened its border with Serbia.

'Without any announcement, the borders opened. When the borders opened, everybody rushed,' said UNHCR spokeswoman Melita Sunjic.

'The last person to go was a young boy without a leg, and we helped him cross in a wheelchair.'
This news item offers the best map that I have yet seen of the catastrophe unfolding in Central Europe.

Few of us in the rest of the world have much idea of the geography, Serbia, Croatia Slovenia, Hungary – yes Hungary – of the peoples who live there, the languages that they speak, their histories, the terrain, the weather... especially the weather.

Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary... just names. But see them on the map and see how Hungary fits in, both geographically and as a player now in the lives of tens of thousands of lost souls.

Look out on the map for the thick black line. Food, shelter, sanitation, disease – and cold, soon bitter cold.

There was never going to be an easy anwer, but there is no problem that cannot be made worse...

Much worse now, and we shall see a death march.


(2015) Refugees rush across as Croatia opens border, Sky News, 19 October

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Sutton, A. (2015) General Frost: snowdrops in the spring, Conductive World, 17 September

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