Tuesday, 6 October 2015


And keep on kicking

Within the last couple of days, and from quite different angles, two bloggers whom I follow have spontaneously touched on an old theme. They are both activists though, at a superficial level at least, their specific causes are not identical – either with other's or necessarily with my own.
Ralph Strzełkowski.

...somewhere in the process of becoming thick skinned and understanding I started making excuses for other people. I begun to settle. I started accepting limitations... There are things that I must get angry over today, tomorrow, ten years later, although it might be more comfortable and easy to just let it slide... But if I don't get upset over things that I see, who will? Where will the change come from if I choose to look the other way? And what point have I reduced myself to practically apologizing for my own existence? Letting things go... Maybe I should get back what I have so obviously lost?

Norman Perrin
Quoting last week's obituary of Fast bowler Frank Tyson, who had retired from first-class cricket aged only thirty: 'I seemed to be wasting my energy on pitches made of cotton wool... Slowly, very slowly, the desire, incentive and will to bowl fast evaporated and with it went the real and precious gift of being able to do so.'
And only yesterday Rony Schenker reminded me that it is now some seventy years since Conductive Education was born:

How long must a struggle continue before self-evident humane benefits break through, take off and become the new norm? Or just peter out through revolutionary fatigue? Once more into the breech, dear friend, and keep on kicking against all those pricks out there...


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