Thursday, 17 September 2015


From CE's early internationalisation

I have just stumbled upon this long-abandoned online directory of early Conductive Education services around the world (only English-speaking countries + Hungary listed).

There is no indication of who compiled this extensive list it or put together the quite nice little introductory note –
Conductive Education (C.E.) is a special education, not a treatment or therapy. According to Prof. András Petõ, the Hungarian founder of this rehabilitation system, the main goal of Conductive Education is an orthofunctioning personality. The precise, scientific meaning of the term orthofunction continuously a subject for debate but it is clear that C.E. aims to enable children and adults to change their physical abilities and performance through a guided approach of problem solving (series of tasks). By experiencing success, they discover that they can find their own solutions to many problems of daily living. The conductor offers clear guidance, support and sense of direction, who takes responsibility for all aspects of physical, intellectual, social and personal development of the children with whom they work.

Nor is there a date but it looks like this was done at some time in the 1990s, probably in North America.

Click on the above link to see this listing. What a eery mix of those that have made it and those that have not.


– (n.d.) Conductive Education Schools

Information please

By the way, I found this old list while looking for some information about one of the earliest US CE centers, PACE on Long Island. I just want to know what the acronym PACE stood for in this instance. Can anybody advise?

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