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Heartfelt, dignified petition to restore mothers' group

Since yesterday a heartfelt petition by parents and sympathisers of the mothers' groups at the András Pető College is being addressed on line to the college's authorities. Petitioners respectfully request a long-term guarantee that this service will be restored:

The mammas' group (mamas czoport) was a service for families from outlying parts of the country where no alternative was available. Mothers brought their little children to the Pető Institute in Budapest and stayed there full time with them for three-week stints, two or three times a year. I recall the service from some years ago, mothers staying with their children, sleeping on plinths in group rooms at the top of the Villányi út building – a little rough and ready perhaps but nevertheless a working means of service-delivery to famililies who might otherwise have remained unserved, and appreciated as such.

(This is rather like the Norwegian 'habilitation' model of service-delivery, but directed specifically towards of the early years of disabled children's lives, and of course considerably less lavishly provided.)

The petition suggests that losing this service excludes certain Hungarian children from access to Conductive Education altogether.

It also indicates that stopping this work will cut off an enormous store of conductive experience and craftmanship built up over many years.

People had thought that renationalising the Pető Institute would secure the future of its services. Parents have been assured that this service will be restored but are not confident now that it will be. They want this guaranteed.

They know that all this costs money but repectively request that their children's needs be prioritised. It is not so long ago, they point out, that this group was part of the tourist trail, for proud display to foreign delegations making the round of the András Pető College.

They petition that the restructuring be quickly completed, so that the accumulated skills of those working there are not dispersed and lost, and that the particular contribution of conductor Kozák-Sólyom Katalin, who leads the group, be retained.

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The petition opened on line yesterday at mid-day. So far this petition has attracted 146 signatures, most of those who have signed being from within Hungary:

So far there have been four comments:

To sign, and to leave a comment too if you wish:

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(2015) Ne vegyék el beteg gyermekeinktől a Pető-MPANNI Mamás csoportját! Tisztelt Pető Intézet (MPANNI), Tisztelt Vezetőség és Fenntartó! Petició, 17 September

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