Thursday, 10 September 2015


(But please date your archive material!)

Yesterday Conductive World applauded local broadcasting for its power to document what is happening, events, activities and ideas.

By coincidence, now on line is a recording of a news broadcast from UTV, Northern Ireland, that reports Brendan McConville's nomination for this year's Pride of Britain Awards.

Speaking as well as Brendan is conductor and School Princpal Ildiko Veres.

The actual news broadcast seems not to be on the TV company's website but Garry McCann has posted the segment on Youtube:

And please, whether you are posting a news item, or even just cutting a story out of a newspaper, do write where it comes from and the date that it appeared. This vastly increases the value of your record for those who might see it in years to come.


(2015) Brendan McConville pride of Britain nominee (news report), 6 O'Clock News, Belfast, UTV, 9 September

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