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How time flies! Success sustains momentum...
NEW: Private Middle School Oberaudorf Inntal

Start September 2015
Our private primary school Oberaudorf Inntal is now in its second year of operation. The concept of learning with individualised furtherance of aptitudes for every single child has proved that daily physical education and furtherance of movement is important for all children and does them all good.
So good that students and parents will soon be wishing that the concept should continue after the fourth year of primary school! We are delighted that we can fulfill this wish and we plan to open a small middle school for September 2015 on the first floor of the same building. The Oberaudorf municipality expressly welcomes commencement of this conversion work and the process of approving the school is under way...
The Oberaudorf Inntal Private Secondary School will lead, like all middle schools to the middle-school leaving qualification. The concept of all-day sport and physical activity, with mainly individualized learning and inclusive education, continues through to the tenth school year. The Kiefersfelden Middle School has supported us through close cooperation.
The school will be built from the bottom up, and be there mainly for its own elementary-school pupils. Newcomers can come to a limited extent at the beginning though not, however, at the higher grades.

Background to the development

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Still awaited

No sign yet of:
  • independent third-party reports
  • would-be emulators.

FortSchritt Rosenheim (2015) NEU: Private Mittelschule Oberaudorf-Inntal: Start September 2015, online announcement

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