Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Jan Tippett on Sheffield local radio

Around the world local broadcasting offers a valuable document of modern societies' grass-roots activities and understandings, but it is ephemeral. At best one may expect a local broadcast to linger on line for a week or a month. Then, unless something is recorded or (even better in some respects) transcribed – it is gone.

Yesterday Jan Tippett was on Radio Sheffield, telling about her experiences when she and her daughter came into Conductive Education in the mid nineteen-eighties, and of her new job as Family Support Fieldworker at Paces Sheffield.

What different worlds. Thirty-odd years on Conductive Education has vanished from the popular radar. Not that different, though. Constant is the 'sense of hopelessness' that confronts so many parents when they are told that their child has a motor disorder.

If you want to hear Jan's interview you can catch it over the next 28 days at:

Jan's segment is part of a two-hour broadcast. Use the slider provided and find her at:

1 h 7 m – 1 h 13 m [music] 1 h 17 m – 1 h 25 m

Family Support Worker at Paces

Thank you to Norman Perrin for sharing this.

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