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Ádám Schmideg  writes  
Dear All,
I am sad to tell you that my Mom, Dr Zita Makói passed away on 12th August 2015 in the morning. We were with her the previous day, she was weak, but conscious, sometimes even smiling. She lived 75 rich years. 
We will meet at her funeral on September 1st at 11:15 AM in the cemetery at Fiumei út 16, Budapest, Hungary, 1086. The funeral home is a 10 minute walk from the main entrance or you can drive up to there.
She had so many friends around the world far away. If you can not come in person, please stop at that time, be quiet, and think of her. You can even light a candle. However sad we are, I think she would prefer a light-hearted ceremony.
Let peace be with her!
Ádám, her son, Lizi, her granddaughter, and her loving family
Ádám Schmideg 
Zita took up the Rektorship of the troubled International Pető Institute in February 20o6, at a particularly low point in its public esteem. She was treated shabbily there by a faction of staff who had been opposed to the Trustees of the then International Pető Foundation appointing her as Rektor. They locked her out her office, wore green ribbons to signify their oposition to her appointment, and made sure that all this was open to the public media who treated it as soap opera, thereby bringing the institution into yet further public disrepute. Zita appeared to handle this with dignity. Whatever the rights and wrongs behind this dispute, she stuck it out till she retired, having tried to set PAI on the long, hard path of modernisation and reform.

This sad business was of its time. It is unlikely that the like could happen under Mr Orban.

All the same, a less inflamed transition at that critical time must remain one of the great what-ifs of the history of Conductive Education.

Zita was a humane, modern and worldly paediatrician dedicated to the humanisation of children's experience of hospital and to acknowledhing the central role of parents in their children's lives. She was charming, sparkly and energetic, with understanding of the world that extended beyond the health and well-being of children and beyond Hungary, and she did not suffer fools gladly.

What if, indeed...?

Partial professional biography

Partial bibliography

Article by Zita on Conductive Education (2007)



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