Monday, 31 August 2015


And money to afford Conductive Education

The relationship of Conductive Education with wider economic trends and their management has often been mentioned in Conductive World.

Not least of today's trends is the collapse of oil prices.

Conductive Education has fared relatively well in oil-rich Norway (population five million). It has been managing too in oil-rich Alberta (population four million). What now? That will in no small part depend upon how the oil wealth has been invested for the future.

From Canada, the Toronto Star makes an interesting comparison between Norway and Alberta.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg declares that the Norwegian economy will continue to thrive. Finance Minister Siv Jensen has already delivered a budget that features increased spending, tax cuts and a surplus.
How is this possible...?

What about the United Kingdom (population, sixty-odd million, and rising fast) and its tumbling oil income? Hmmm... We shall see.

And never mind the oil (!), that is just one of the world's problems. What about just another of these problems, China?

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