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In the tiny world of Conductive Education

There is no way really to know what you the readership of Conductive World really want to read about here, or what you you like of what you find on this blog. Conductive Education receives very human little feedback on its contents, virtually zero in fact. In absence of qualitative data one is thrown back on the quantitative.

New blog postings on Conductive Post are always notified on its Facebook page, along with a short trailer or taster of what they are about:

Given all sorts of qualifications, if numbers of visits to blog postings are index of interest in a topic, presented below are some higlights the last two-hundred postings on this blog (going back to September 2014), drawn from routine data provided by Blogger.the system that provides this site.


The numbers of visitors to Conductive World are small over a given time. From such visitor-data as are available it looks like new postings attract a flurry of initial interest then settle down to a period of quiescence. After that some are relatively ignored or never visited again. Others, however, enter a long steady process of attracting more and more visits, long after they first appeared, presumably in most cases through Internet searches. Slowly over the years (Conductive World commenced publication started in 2007) this 'backlist' racks up a considerable score of hits far in excess of postings' first wave of interest, thousands for some postings.

Against this longer-term dynamic the number of visits recorded at particular stages in the process may not be much of an index of anything. In other words, an important factor in how many visits are received by a particular posting may largely depend upon how long go it was published, over which time there may have been shifts in what concerns people anyway. These data are, however, all that I have that is concrete and quantifiable. As for what concerns people now, this is sometimes predicatable (e.g. anything mentioning jobs nearly always attracts a flurry of immediate attention, anything that mentions Mária Hári attracts solid interest) – and sometimes it can be wholly unexpected (e.g. the high interest, as measured in immediatevisits) in an item with its title in Ukrainan, СВІТЛЕ МАЙБУТНЄ ДІТЕЙ.

Even granting the small number of people out there in the real world who have an even passing interest in Conductive Education, the numbers of visits received do accumulate.

I take some grain of comfort in the hope (possibly unjustified) that these numbers include significant players, present and future, in CE's Great Game.

Recent highlights

'Recent' is defined by the last two-hundred postings. Note that even over this short period the above-mentioned time-dynamic already operates in that for the moment some postings continue to attract visitors by whatever means, while others lie in Cyberspace dormant or apparently totally dead.

'Highlights' are defined here as having so far attracted a hundred or more visits. This is an entirely abitrary threshhold but this figure has the umparallelled advantage of being instantly visible in the table provided. The figures may not be a lot in the great scheme of things, but this is presumably a boutique site and that's about the size of it in the tiny world of Conductive Education!

In reverse chronological order, this is the number of visits achieved at the time of writing, by postings that have crossed this threshhold, out of the last 200 poatings.

From last 100 postings

From the 100 before that

153 WC9 AHOY!

Out of the most recent 100 postings, 25 have passed the 100-mark. Out of the hundred before, 33 have now reached that level...

So what kinds of topics have attracted most visitors over the last nine months? You will have to draw your own conclusions. And do bear in mind, an unknowable readership might come from outside Conductive Education altogether.

There is another way...

Even better than these dry and perhaps dodgy statistics would be a few hunman responses, positive or negative, pro or con, pus or minus. Even comments to say why you don't comment...!

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