Thursday, 2 July 2015


From North America

Next year sees the 9th World Congress on Conductive Education.

Reporting this, Conductive World remarked that there is no mention of plans for published procedings to follow the Congress.

Perhaps lack of published proceedings, either on line or on paper, represents a realistic appreciation of the wishes of people in and out of Conductive Education to read about it. It is left to individuals who wish to disseminate their presentations to make their own arrangements for publication. Following WC7, which took place in 2010 in Hong Kong, I went as far as publishing my own presentations as a small book:

I suppose that it is not to late to do this for WC8 too should I feel inclined (nor for anyone else to dig out and dust off old CE conference contributions and find an outlet).

Following the last World Congress in Germany, in 2013, ACENA has published a useful page on line listing some of the the contributions to WC8 from North America and linking to their written records:

Between them, Canada, Mexico and the United States presented 14 oral presentations, 3 films, and 13 posters: 30 items in all. ACENA has presented links to 9 (how selected is not stated). Click the links below to view:
This is an eclectic mix or abstracts, overheads to oral presentations, and posters.

There are no written papers.


ACENA (n.d.) World Congress on CE

Sutton, A. (2011) Last Year in Hong Kong, Birmingham, CEP

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