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What is going on?

An event for those concerned about such matters –
Seminar and Focus Group on the Future Treatment and Research of Cerebral Palsy
We are hoping to conduct a multi-disciplinary research study to increase motor control in people with cerebral palsy (CP). On August 13th 2015 we are holding a seminar and focus group to discuss what different individuals want from future treatments and research of CP. We are hoping to invite a wide range of different groups of people including service users with CP, carers/family members of people with CP, clinicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and academic researchers with an interest in CP or stroke victims.
Our team comprises of three cognitive neuropsychologists...
The agenda for the seminar is as follows:
What the seminar is trying to achieve, which is to see what each group [?] wants to see for future treatment in CP...
Brief Introduction of the neurophysiology perspective of CP...
Brief Introduction of the rehabilitation work...
Brief Introduction of Motor Imagery of treatment of CP...
Group Discussions over what everyone wants to see from future treatments and lunch... 
Collecting of feedback
Thank everyone for coming and explain that we will consider the feedback and keep everyone up to date if they wish
Anyone who is interested in coming should contact Dr Nicholas Almond through email on 

Fuller details:

The event is being promoted by Action Cerebral Palsy:

Not altogether clear yet

Action Cerebral Palsy is a 'national consortium of specialist charities, working with children with cerebral palsy and their families', These charities, 13 of them, have in common different involvements with Conductive Education:

A publication by ACP earlier this year discretely made almost no mention of CE:

The event is billed as 'multidisciplinary'. Neuropsychology is a broad church now but it is still a single discipline. Perhaps it is the intended audience that will provide the extra disciplines: 'clinicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and academic researchers'. All very medical, and intended to contribute to a view of 'future treatments'

Disabled people and family members are considered, but no one with relevant professional involvement in this central aspect. Nor are those concerned professionally with enhancing human development through education, neither teachers nor conductors. Perhaps this recognises the relevant contribution that neuropsychology offers the lives and labours of these four groups
Presumably conductors, clients etc back in the 13 charities sponsoring this event know what is going on, and perhaps all will become clearer all round as time goes by...


ACP (2015) Seminar and focus group of future treatment and research of cerebral palsy

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