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One hot July's day in the Crimea
Yalta, 1960

The quality of the image is poor, due to the nature of the original Soviet newsprint – a cheap and controlled press but sometimes cheery for all that, as here gently mocking the stuffy pomposity of official proceedings 
Если б студенты всей земли...
Семинары 'Студенты и разoрyжение', 'Студенты и мировая культура', 'Культура и национальная независимость' вызвали оживленные споры. Но вывод, в сущности, один: лучше договориваться, чeм воевать; лучше убеждать, чем стрелять.
...Может быть они yстали от дискуссий и экскурсийй? A может быть им просто захотелось побыть вдоeм?
Фотоочерк М. Трахмана

If students of all the World...
The workshops 'Students and disarmament', 'Students and world culture', 'Culture and national independence' evoked lively debate. But the conclusion is essentially the same: better to negotiate than fight; better to convince than shoot.
... Maybe they had tired of discussions and excursions? But maybe they just wanted to be together?
Photostory by M. Trakhman 
Mikhail Trakhman, then a well-known Soviet photo-journalist (d. 1976), had been a pervasive presence that hot July at the International Summer School held at the Artek Pioneer Camp in Gurzuf in the Crimea.

For the record they were just tired, the Livadia Palace was too much.

Amazingly, I have just found that an organisation in Greece has recently put on line the programme for this event, along with a list of all the participants: 

The whole shebang cost me £27, which my local education authority agreed to refund me.


Trakhman, M. (1960) Esli b studenty vsei zemli..., Literaturnaya gazeta, 14 July, vol. 32, no 83 (4208), p. 3
My thanks to Colin Jones of the University of Birmingham Library Information Office for tracking down and retrieving me this hard-copy news item.



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