Tuesday, 23 June 2015


24 June is pivotal date
In summer, the conductors' job market hots up 

In the Northern Hemisphere we have already had the Summer Equinox – though in Britain Midsummer's Day falls today, on 24 June. Not being a pagan I am indifferent to whether Midsummer's Eve was a few days ago, or whether I live it now. 

Either way, I sit only a few miles from the Forest of Arden  a place that, since Birmingham International Airport was built there, is nothing like as magical as it was in Shakespeare's time. I digress. By anyone's reckoning, it is now high summer, evenings begin to shorten, and CE's job market is stirring like it does every year around this time:

Whatever else is advertised on CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET, the prime trade at this time of year is CE's particular kind of people-trafficking, that is looking for conductors to fill vacancies  and advertising vacancies to tempt conductors into new jobs. Summer terms will be over soon enough. Many people are thinking of a fresh start for the new school year that will follow all too fast behind.

So, get in there and advertise for what you want. Write in whatever language you think is most likely to attract the audience that you seek. If you are a potential customer, use the Comments to ask for further details. If you are an advertiser, do remember to use Comments to tell people when an advert has been successful.

Good luck...

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