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Former Kingdom of Hungary

Thank you Valeriya Makarenko for notifying another out-of-country venture by the András Pető College, in Trancarpathian Ukraine at the end of last year:

At the invitation of the Maltese Aid Service two conductors from the PAF provided a week's introductory training for rehabilitationists at a special school in the country town of Beregovo in Ukraine (Hungarian name: Beregszász), that educates children with cerebral palsy and the consequences of polio, along with medical staff from the Innovo medical centre in the town.

During the week Ukrainian staff observed work in three groups for children and adults:
  • children of six months to three years (with parents involved too)
  • primary-age children
  • adolescents and adults
Conductive Education and Ukraine

This recent exercise is a different approach from the PAI's earlier involvement in the Ukraine, set in a different context. There had been been introductory day conferences (lecture presentations) in the capital, Kiev, in 2005 and 2012:

And Ukranian parents are also invited to take their children to the PAF as part of Hungary's 'health tourism' industry, for example:

Bergovo is a small town very close to the border with Hungary, once part of the Kingdom of Hungary and still mainly Hungarian-speaking. Most of a considerable Jewish population were murdered during the War, mainly in May 1944. It is one of those communities that announces its identity to visitors on the edge of town by its name written in Magyar runes:

Recent postings on the PAF's activities in Hungarian-speaking communities just outside Hungary:

Кондуктивна Педагогіка

For those who wish to search out more on Conductive Education and Ukraine for themselves, the Ukrainian term for Conductive Education (Pető method) is:
  • Кондуктивна Педагогіка
  • Метод Петьо

(2014) Знайомство із кондуктивною педагогікою, Malteser

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