Monday, 15 June 2015


Less so every year

Here from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is a feature article from 2011, giving a glimpse into the life of Israeli conductor Duah Matta –
Duah was born in the Christian-Arab village of Mi'ilya, she's Catholic, lights a votive candle every night, and her family is secular and musical...
Would that there had been rather more such items in the world's media over the last few years.

Backgrounds of conductors

Taking just a few possible parameters, here is how things used to seem (and maybe for a while this is how they really were for everyone):
  • Born in country A
  • Grows up speaking language A
  • Trains in country A
  • Works in country A
  • Oh yes, and a woman too
 And here is a simple and common enough variation:
  • Born in country A
  • Grows up speaking language A
  • Goes to train in country B
  • Learns to speak language B
  • Goes to work in country C
  • Learns to speak language C
  • And may well be a man
Now you can start adding further personal complexities for yourself, like coming from a minority group, moving to further counties – and some unique combinations may emerge, inherently no better or no worse than any other...

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