Monday, 11 May 2015


A letter from the Sunny South

I was woken this morning to an email from conductor Judit Szathmáry, an update from the New Forest in the sunny South of England
...we are moving to Passford House Hotel and will be running our New Forest services there from 1 June. We could have moved straight away, but we have already paid the rent at the Mill at Gordleton. I shall miss the Mill. It is a stunning place to work from, but there is a limit to how much we could develop our services from there. The owner Liz is a brilliant woman with a big heart to support people with disabilities. She has a patch in the kitchen garden for the local children from one of the schools that educates children with autism. They come weekly to grow their own vegetables and herbs.
Passford House hotel is an old traditional English hotel with a new marketing manager who is working on revamping the whole place. As people know me locally and some of our parents stayed at the hotel when attending our blocks the idea to have us on site was the most natural transaction you could imagine. It is amazing how the higher powers behind the scene arranged the sequence of events that led to the decision to give us the key on Thursday afternoon. We will be based next door to the pool, in a large room with huge windows and doors leading to the gardens. They used the room for yoga retreats and big functions in the past.
This is just the first step to start developing the idea that I would love to accomplish, to create conductive retreats for our people and for their families. I think that we will continue to run our summer courses in fantastic locations and in beautiful big houses. In houses where probably our children would never have a chance to go, to learn and, enjoy being part of an extended family.

There is something very special when we share a house and do things together and everyone participates. In the hotel a lot of the hard work such as cooking, catering and cleaning will be taken care of so we will be focusing only on creating the best learning circumstances for our participants.

The hotel is very close to Lymington, but it is hidden away in the outskirts of the forest, and it is like stepping into one if those old English Agatha Christie films as you arrive in the driveway. It is a dog-friendly hotel so the families' four-legged friends can stay too.
I have a lot of ideas that I would like to see manifesting with this project and the marketing manager has an ear to hear what I have to say. We had a short block for people with Parkinson's at the hotel last September but we used a smaller room for that...

Stand by me

The New Forest base is part of a wider circle of CE ventures presented under the umbrella of Project Stand by Me:

Conductive Education, in a rather English style

Mill at Gordleton

Passford House

An individual holiday experience

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