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Dr. Hári Mária 

I have just received an invitation from the PAF to attend a book launch, to be held on 30 March at the successor-building of the 'old institute' at Villányi út 67.

The following blurb was included with the email –
A book to celebrate Dr Mária Hári entitled Emlékkönyv Dr. Hári Mária 1923–2001 has been published recently by the András Pető College. The volume was compiled by two former senior staff members, Dr Erzsébet Balogh and Dr Júlia Horváth, and edited by Dr István Kollega Tarsoly, head of the College’s library named after Mária Hári.
The 204-page bilingual (Hungarian-English) book which contains 61 black and white and 64 colour, previously unreleased photos, presents the late director’s course of life who passed away in 2001. Mária Hári took over directorship in 1967 following András Pető’s death and continued over a period of 27 years until she retired. The compilers of the book accomplished thorough and accurate work and managed to depict Dr Hári’s course of life in full, even though she had not cared too much to leave behind sufficient sources for future chroniclers as we can learn from the Introduction: The early years of her non-professional, private life, and the events of her hard, young ages during World War 2 are known only in fragments. This is one of the reasons that long time after her loss a new, illustrated album, a tribute is published with the memories of her classmate, permanent professional associates and friends, followers and intellectual partners.
The book will be formally introduced to the public on 30th June 2015 from 11 a.m. in the Villányi Street building of the András Pető College.
The opening address of the festive event will be delivered by Dr Franz Schaffhauser, the rector of the College. Then Dr Éva Feketéné Szabó, college professor, director of the Institute of Conductive Pedagogy will recite her memories of Mária Hári. Finally the book will be presented by the renowned psychologist Dr Tamás Vekerdy.
The retail price of the publication is HUF 4,000; to staff, students and retired employees of the András Pető College the book will be purchasable at a discount prize of HUF 2,000 at the College.

Nobody knows it better
The blurb says 
...she had not cared too much to leave behind sufficient sources for future chroniclers.
Nobody knows better than Gill Maguire and I just how true this is. In 20o4 we co-edited our own modest collection of writings and presentations by Mária, and over recent years I have brought a variety of snippets about Mária the person into the public domain through Conductive World. Paradoxically, Mária was by far Hungary's greatest communicator of conductive pedagogy and revelled in much of the attention that public communications brought her – at the same time remaining very private and self-effacing.
Good news
At the current exchange rate, Fts. 4,000 weigh in at £9.28, US$14.36 and 13.04 . This book sounds a bargain.
Bad news
I am lucky that an item written by myself is included in this book. I shall therefore receive an author's copy. Others outside Hungary might find it expensive to obtain copies, despite the low cover price, because of the combined additional costs of postage plus money-transfer:
Balogh, E., Horváth, J. (eds.) (2015) Emlékkönyv Dr. Hári Mária 1923–2001, Budapest, PAF
Maguire, G., Sutton, A. (eds.) (2004) Mária Hári on conductive pedagogy, Birmingham, FCE

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