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But some help for Nepal

Still no news of general release for Walking with the Enemy, based (just) on a remarkable story of Jewish resistance in Fascist Budapest toward the end of the Nazi occupation. However historically wonky, the film is reported to have its virtues and should serve as a useful and vivid reminder of what a close-run thing it was, the personal survival of András Pető, Mária Hári and so many others involved in the creation of Conduction Education.

Put it another way, Conductive Education very nearly never happened because of the circumstances portayed in this film. Never mind the wisdom of hindsight and teleology, never mind the Hungaricum – that should never be forgotten.

It remains a mystery why the film has not gone on general release, or to video. Instead it pops up in North American art houses:

Next showing will be in Wallingford, CT, 15-21 May

Help for Nepal

Two weeks ago there was a charitable fundraiser showing Walking with the Enemy at Vancouver's Dunbar Theatre.

All proceeds from the evening's two screenings went to the Canadian Red Cross' earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. Liberty Studios, makers of the film's agreed to cover their fees for showing the film, and the Government of Canada would match whatever was raised:

Since then of course there has been a second earthquake in Nepal. 

The Dunbar Theatre has offered a model for how enterprising Conductive Education centres might contribute to the continuing relief effort, and at the same time take the opportunity to raise much-needed awareness of Conductive Education.

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