Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Speech and slide show

Fanny Grau Coppieter's speech at the inauguration of the Conductive Education Centre in Gard, in France, must echo dozens of similar such heartfelt expressions of gratitude across the world. This us the first, however, that I can recall to have been so generally available on line (as ever, I should be pleased to be corrected on this).

What is takes to open a centre?

As such, therefore, it bears the burden of speaking more publicly on behalf all the others who have also passed this way. Her thanks and acknowledgements to those who have given their time, labour and skill, resources and trust, to family, friends and supporters, surely echo what has been said before in so many places across the world and will surely have to be said so many times more and in so many more places for as long as the struggle for Conductive Education has to continue.

What does it take to start a a CE service? People, faith, hard work. Lots.

Longue vie au CEC du Gard! Vive l'Éducation Conductive en France!


Grau Coppietters, F. (2015

The text of Fanny's speech is in French. But this is 2015, and CE is now well and truly international. Machine translation in still far from perfect but, as here, it can convey the gist – even some of the spirit. Try it:

This page also includes a jolly slide show of what has been done so far. (Love that accordion music!)

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