Friday, 20 March 2015


They also serve

In this morning's Special Needs Jungle Hayley Goleniowska offers a useful, ten-point aide-memoire on the potential healing properties of animals. This rings very true, and not just of course for children. See her list in full:

'SEND', by the way is the UK's latest portmanteau jargon to indicate, well, almost any problem of education and development in children. It signifies 'special educational needs and disability'.

Animals and CE

One hears about 'dolphin therapy' and 'therapeutic riding', but these are activities in their own right. How in detail do they incorporate conductive thinking and conductive pedagogical practice? Perhaps I have missed something. And what else is there out there? Hayley Goleniowska's offers a useful reminder for pedagogues and upbringers? How are such as these already utilised in the world of Conductive Education?

Judit Szatmáry's new Stand by Me Project, is to incorporate an Animal Sanctuary Farm –
The Farm Project has two aspects:
  • standing by animals in need and giving them a loving home.
  • a training studio to teach children how to care for animals and respect all living beings.
This new service has a website (though with no specific information as yet):



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