Thursday, 19 February 2015


Sheep or goats?

It is Chinese New Year again. Have a propitious day and a most prosperous year.

This the Year of the Sheep. Or it is the Goat? Or the Ram? Or even the Antelope?

If you are interested...

Here is a part explanation 
A ruminant mammal, generally with horns on its head. Divided into a number of types, including 山羊 shānyáng, 绵羊 miányáng, 羚羊 língyáng, etc.
A little further investigation reveals that:
山羊 shānyáng ('mountain yáng') = goat
绵羊 miányáng ('cotton yáng') = sheep
羚羊 língyáng = gazelle 
In other words, goats, sheep, and antelopes are all different types of yáng. Since only the goat and the sheep have been domesticated, the Chinese generally divide yáng into two types: shānyáng ('goats') and miányáng ('sheep').

And here is another one –
Both sheep and goats are raised in China, but the former are only found in the grasslands on the country's northern fringes. Goats are more commonplace.
The ram – a male sheep – is a third candidate, preferred by some who don't like the meek, docile characteristics associated with the sheep.

As is often the case in questions of Chinese astrology, there are probably many more explanations, and all sorts of further complexities and qualifications.

Separating the sheep from the goats

This is so often necessary when thinking about 'Conductive Education', in any language

Last year was the Year of the Horse

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