Wednesday, 25 February 2015


French doctor starts her own

Fanny Grau a French general physician has opened a conductive micro-centre in the town of Clerensac, to provide an education for her own son, and others.

The town mayor has provided accommodation for this and fifty volunteers helped prepare the centre for its opening on 5 January.

The new centre is one of the six now forming FEPEC, the federation of 'private' (i.e. non-state) CE services in France:

FEPEC has a long, hard mountain to climb –

'The President [of FEPEC] has met someone from the Department of Health,' adds Fanny Grau, who hopes that solutions will be found. For even if the project is of recognised to be of general interest as recognised by the tax authorities, the educational centres are private by default as the state does not recognise the education.

Bonne chance à tous...


Local newspape article by Baptiste Manzinali ('Experiencing Conductive Education in Clarensac'):

Manzinali, B. (2015) La pédagogie conductive expérimentée à Clarensac, Objectif Gard, 24 February



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