Sunday, 22 February 2015


Read it. Use it

Norman Perrin fulminates further against 'potential', prompted by something read from the world of sport:

I do wish that more would.

A book for all

If I were still teaching future conductors I should do everything that I could to be sure that they should read Matthew Syed's book Bounce.

Teaching or not, I urge it upon conductors and parents of disabled children, disabled adults, and their familiees and carers, schoolteachers of all children, and all that assorted host whose living depends upon disability and 'needs'. Then there are the bureaucrats, 'managers' and politicians, the journos and commentators, the pressure groups and the would-be opinion-formers...

I suspect that some of those few who consider my advice might think that Bounce is also about sport. It is not. It relays the supremely generalisable message of human improvability out of human agency.

And if you ever wish to explain Conductive Education, forget those so-called principles, the pseudo-science, the recourse to myth. Start instead with with the well-known, concrete psycho-social themes explored here. You may find these enough.

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