Saturday, 6 December 2014


Another initiative reported from Romania

An Hungarian-language newspapaper reports another initiative by the András Pető College formerly the Pető Institute) in former territories of the Kingdom of Hungary that lie in neighbouring countries.

Following a screening visit in July, between 24 November and 12 December conductors from the PAF have been providing a three-week intervention in Miercurea Ciuc Gyergyoszentmiklos (in Transylvania, Romania), for 24 children and 18 adults (presumably from the Hungarian-speaking minority).

The project is run in collaboration with the Gyulafehérvári Caritas charity and reportedly supported by the Hungarian government.

This is the third such initiative reported this year by Hungarian-language newspapers in Central Europe, two from Romania (Transylvania) and one from the Ukraine (Transcarpathia):

Perhaps there are others.


 (2014) Konduktív pedagógia Csíkszeredában és Gyergyószentmiklóson, Magyar Kurier (Katolikus Hírportál), 3 December


I have just had it pointed out that I was pipped at the post on reporting this, by Gill Maguire who picked up the the story and passed it on through her blog the day that it was first broke:

CE's Kremlin-watching is becoming quite a keen business, which makes it a little easier for all those who say that there is never any news! 

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