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American special-education article on CE

Five and a half years ago the first article in the United States to review Conductive Education this century was published in a special-educational journal. As far as I can immediately call to mind, it was also the last (I should be so very pleased to be corrected here).

At the time the article was published on line pay-only. Then for a modest fee it could be read on Docstoc. Now it is available to all, in original journal format, completely free of charge:

The authors were Katherine T. Ratliffe and Cindy Sanekane, of Hawaii. As far as I can tell they have had no subsequent published contact with the CE field.

I have not come across this article mentioned by CE sources in the United States (or anywhere else).

Google Scholar tells me that their article has been barely cited in other publications over the five years since it appeared, and not at all in English. So it is with an awful lot of what is published in 'the journals', not just with respect to Conductive Education of course.

Read the full article and judge for yourself whether in the specific case of this article the world is the poorer because of this – or otherwise.

Be that as it may, as far as the vast field of special education in the United States is concerned, Conductive Education has risen without a trace.

For that matter, it seems some time now since Conductive Education has featured in the educational literature in any country, in any language (again, I should be so very pleased to be corrected here).

Earlier commentaries on this article

Sutton, A. (2009) CE in US special education literature. Rejoice, rejoice, Conductive World, 8 May

Sutton, A. (2012) The great disconnect: CE and special education in the US, Conductive World, 4 May


Ratliffe, K. T., Sanekane, C. (2009) Conductive education benefits and challenges, Teaching Exceptional Children, vol. 41, pp. 68-72

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