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Others do too...​
How did it feel like working at the Petö Institute at the beginning of the 1980s? ...It felt like the smell of freshly cut grass infused with a particular ray of sunshine that carried the light of simplicity, reassurance, calmness and clarity. It felt like a clear sense of focus and determination merged with the gentle breeze of everyday life with its noises, textures and feelings. Bringing this magical combination of peace (a kind of knowing), clarity and compassion into our distinctively perceivable three-dimensional world of time and space reality. It felt like purpose with infinite bounds of possibilities and choices, combined with a sense of seriousness and awe-inspiring joyful responsibility...

A plea

Thank you so much, Judit, for this. It would be wonderful if others would share their precious, remembered impressions of how what is now called Conductive Education was actually like in different times and different places. To do this is not just self-indulgent nostalgia (though what is wrong with a little of that?). It also has a more serious potential contribution to make.

A growing collection of short personal recollections would help make Conductive Education more real to those who want to know about it. Some such reports would agree with each other and some would not, but this does not matter since together they would pose questions and raise hypotheses.

Judit, do please continue to share about those far-off days of thirty years ago. Tell us more of the specific happenings and circumstances that made everything seem so fresh and good.

And tell how it all had a bit of a dark side too, such as the fixedness of what was done, and that extraordinary diktat that conductors who left, however talented and respected, could never return. How does that square with those infinite bounds of possibilities and choices?

And not just Judit, not just conductors, but anyone who has something to tell, parents, former children and other clients, anyone with a story to tell, and not just about the Pető Institute and Hungary... There has been a bigger, more varied world of Conduction Education growing out there.

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