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A system open to modifiability

Reuven Feuerstein died in April last year and was buried in Har HaMenuchot Cemetery in Jerusalem. There have been memorial ceremonies, and a Memorial Fund has been established in his name to create scholarships to attend ICELP courses:
There were also of course obituaries and memorial notices in the press, including one belatedly in The Times:
Much of what has been written about him since he died has been in the manner of personal reminiscence. One awaits the technical and critical evaluation of the academic journals in relevant feels. These take time:
A living heritage

So thank you Rony Schneider for notifying me of a recent warm In memoriam notice in the Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology. This was written by David Tzuriel who has worked closely not just with Reuven Feuerstein the man, but with 'Feuerstein' the intellectual system. His item is also very much a personal reminiscence, but still perhaps needing to be recorded in this context.

Last year, however, in the same journal, David Tzuriel had made a significant contribution towards a much more lasting and vital memorial to Reuven and his work, an article entitled 'Mediated Learning Experience and Cognitive Modifiability' (thanks, Rony, for sharing this too). Its opening overview restates Reuven's position and give some indication of how widely this has embedded itself within mainstream academe. Most importantly, the article goes on to show how his system can be understood, practised and researched at a deeper level – and recognises the need to consider possible future modification or refinement to the theory of MLE itself, especially for children with learning difficulties.

A living, modifiable system, true to its roots but open to change as its knowledge advances. Now there's a memorial for future generations.

Conductive Education?

Reuven himself expressed his admiration for Conductive Education and would have liked the two systems to have worked together:

This was not realised in his lifetime. David Tsourials's article lists five MLE criteria that have operationalized for research. They apply so readily for Conductive Education. His thoughts on future research suggest a path that might bring even closer convergence with Conductive Education.

How is Conductive Education going hold to its roots, advance its knowledge, and modify over coming years?


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Tzuriel, D. (2014) Reuven Feuerstein: A giant in cognitive psychology, Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology, vol. 13, no 3, pp. 289-291

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