Tuesday, 11 November 2014


The new wave in conductor careers

Special Footprints: Cerebral Palsy Life Coaching

Magdi Kovacz has just announced her new service and its website:

She flags this as a 'small business'.


Magdi focuses very explicitly upon working with psychosocial-social dysfunctionalities stemming from motor disorders. particularly 'reduction of stress levels' in children and adults with cerebral palsy, their families, and those who work with them –
I combine many different, safe, gentle and effective techniques tailored to suit your need. As part of a holistic approach I offer Neurological Linguistic Programming (NLP), EmoTrance and Positive EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique ) as stand-alone sessions or as part of the Life Coaching process. These techniques will help you to manage and reduce your stress level. My aim is to assist you to make positive changes in your life. Coaching provides you with the space, time and support to step back and reflect. It enables you to envisage how things could be and how you can start making small steps towards a preferred future.

She also offers Intuitive Life Coaching  and Conductive Education:

The notion of 'life coaching' might proves  useful  in helping to  articulate upbringing.

The New Wave

Over the course of this last year Conductive World has wondered several times whether there  a 'new wave' of conductive services in England is spontaneously emerging (with parallels elsewhere):

Noting terribly new here of course, as such initiatives have been apparent for years. What makes this worth mentioning now is that such initiatives are increasing and beginning to occupy a noticeable place in the tiny world of Conductive Education, with interesting implications all round, not least for training.

With Magdi's announcement it seems time to drop the tentative tone when referring to this New Wave, and recognise that it is definitely here, a valid and expanding framework for conductive practice.

Old and young

New waves are not just for youngsters and a further characteristic of such work over the years has been that it includes conductors of all ages. Many older conductors have a variety of skills and experience to offer beside conductive pedagogy, they have no time for management and hierarchy and what they bring, and are distrustful of 'charity'.

So good luck Magdi and to all those who have taken similar roads before you. Do let those who might think to follow after know how it goes.

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Blogger Magdi Kovacs said...

Thank you Andrew for the encouraging words.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 at 13:41:00 GMT  

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